Engineering efficiency

Estimate how many hours your team may be wasting managing build failures. Learn how these are calculated.

PRs merged
No. of PRs merged in a day
PRs per day
Mainline failures
How often does your mainline fail in a week
Times a week
Average CI time
How long does your CI run take in minutes
Flakiness percentage
What % of CI failures happen due to flakiness
Green branch
Do you use a separate golden branch that is always green?
Green branch

We base feature branches using a separate green branch.

Mainline only

We base feature branches directly out of mainline.

Mainline only
Weekly impact on engineering productivity
Hours wasted to fix
Number of hours wasted to identify, triage fix and have the build pass again, considering 1-3 developers get involved to fix an issue.
16.7 Hours
Hours wasted in resolving conflicts
Rollbacks during failures can cause further issues. With 2% of conflicts during the window of broken build.
0.0 Hours
Weekly CI failures due to broken builds
Now CI would fail For anyone who created a base branch out of mainline when builds are broken.
20.8 Times
Time to resolve CI
With 15mins of context switching the handle every CI failure
5.2 Hours
Time spent rerunning flaky tests
The context switching time required to triage and rerun when CI fails due to flakiness.
0.0 Hours
21.9Developer hours wasted weekly